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CGCC Library Celebrates: Coyote Con 2024

CGCC Coyote Con 2024 - Third Annual Event!

Fandom Faceoff

The voting for Fandom Faceoff is over and the winners are:

Cutest Baby Alien - Baby Groot (The Guardians of the Galaxy)

Best Starship - Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)

Best Giant Furball Friends - Sully (Monsters, Inc.)

Most Trustworthy Nurse - Nurse Joy (Pokemon)

Best SuperHero Squad - Fellowship of the Ring

Best Trusty Steed - Maximus (Tangled)

Best Robot Overlord - The Machines (The Matrix)

Most Iconic Dynamic Duo - Batman & Robin

Most Survivable Zombie Apocalypse - Shaun of the Dead 

                      Fandom Faceoff




Create a Cosplay for Coyote Con!

Considering creating your own cosplay?
Check out the videos and other resources below
on the basics of cosplay and tips on thrifting a costume!