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CGCC Libraries Play Through Books: Reading Recommendations: Welcome


The purpose of this guide is to help you find a new favorite book, and share an old one! 


Browse through the genre tabs above to explore some of our favorites, inspired by illustrations from the excellent book Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany, by Jane Mount. 


Use the shared Google Doc below to share your favorites with other book lovers at CGCC!

Share Your Favorites!

Click here to share your favorite reads!

Dive Into Diversity

Exploration, discovery, and venturing out of your comfort zone are all important parts of play. We have always learned about the external and inner worlds of others through the written word, and through such explorations, understood points of view we otherwise may have never considered. For further information on the importance of reading diverse books, watch the perspectives shared in the videos below.

Book Art Animation by Library Faculty Emily Jacobs

Try a New Format...or Genre!

There's nothing wrong with finding comfort and entertainment in familiar types of stories, but if you're in the mood to branch out, consider exploring a story-telling format or genre you are unfamiliar with! Graphic novels and audiobooks use visuals and sound to convey a story in different mediums, without losing any of its impact. 

Audio Books

Listening to a book counts as reading! For free Public Domain audiobooks, check out Librivox!

Want a great spooky listen for October? Try this live reading by Neil Gaiman of his book The Graveyard Book. (Suitable for kids about 10 and up!)

Ours Poetica is a Youtube channel that posts poems. Check out this version of "Hope is a Thing with Feathers" by Emily Dickinson, read by the poet Ilya Kaminsky, and be sure to visit the Youtube channel to discover some amazing poets.